Campus to corporate training program in chandigarh panchkula

Corporate training programs are the programs created to sharpen or improve the skills of a company’s employees in a centralized and unified manner. Corporate training programs can also be used to train new employees or to implement new systems or processes. While some companies will argue that training costs money and valuable time, training for your employees can be worth all the effort.

First, training can give a new employee the confidence to do their job well. Entering a new job and possibly new responsibilities can be very overwhelming for a person, and can take months for them to understand their role in the company. Training can help ease the stress and can empower them to make decisions and take action if they need to. In addition to empowerment, you are welcoming your new employee and showing them that you want them to be comfortable, knowledgeable, and working at their highest potential.

Corporate training will increase job satisfaction for new employees. Most employees want to do their best, but it’s nearly impossible to do your best when you don’t know what’s expected of you. “Trial by fire” is never a good policy in the office and learning from mistakes can take a toll on your confidence and learning curve.

We team up with the corporates to prepare the students on these grounds on our campus by our experts. The Technical skills are honed by Industry experts from Rikken Instrumentation Ltd. We call this Recruitment Solution as “THE PLACEMENT PROGRAM”.

Building in our varied experience of 4 years , Pristine Edutronics offers its clients a wide range of “SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS”. We handle IT service request with a solution based approach and do everything , from gathering requirements to delivering the final solution


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