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Benefits of Insulation testers:-

The benefits offered by using high-voltage insulation testing as a diagnostic tool are all too often neglected.
Effective and reliable insulation is essential for the correct and safe operation of virtually every item of electrical equipment. Even in low-voltage systems, regular insulation checks are highly desirable and, in some cases, such as portable appliance testing (PAT), they are a legal requirement.
In medium-voltage systems, insulation testing is even more important, because insulation is often under greater electrical stress and failures are likely to be more costly and, potentially, more dangerous.
Equipment manufacturers, of course, routinely perform insulation tests on their products before supplying them to the end user. Why, then, are further tests needed? The first part of the answer is that it is by no means unknown for insulation damage to occur while equipment is being installed or serviced. More important, however, is that even the best insulation degrades over time.
While this is unavoidable – all insulation starts to deteriorate from the moment it’s put into service – well designed equipment, operated within its ratings, should give many years of reliable service. Nevertheless, the ability to predict accurately when that period of reliable service is coming to an end is an invaluable aid to avoiding costly downtime and unplanned maintenance. Testing is the key but it can only be a reliable indicator if the tests are properly performed, using appropriate equipment.


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