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Prepaid meter is a device that measures the amount of electric energy consumed by a tadalafil citrate residence, business, or an electrically powered device.

Electricity meters are typically calibrated in billing units, the most common one being the kilowatt hour [kWh]. Periodic readings of electricity meters establishes billing cycles and energy used during a cycle.

Electricity meters operate by continuously measuring the instantaneous voltage cialis generic (volts) and current (amperes) to give energy used (in joules, kilowatt-hours etc.). Meters for smaller services (such as small residential customers) can be connected directly in-line between source and customer.

For larger loads, more than about 200 ampere of load, current transformers are used, so that the meter can be located other than in line with the service conductors. The meters fall into two basic categories, electromechanical and electronic.

The standard business model of electricity retailing involves the electricity company billing the customer for the amount of energy used in the previous month or quarter. In some countries, if the retailer believes that the customer may not pay the bill, a prepayment meter may be installed. This requires the customer to make advance payment before electricity can be used.[citation needed]If the available credit is exhausted then the supply of electricity is cut off by a relay.

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