Public notice from RIKKEN INSTRUMENTATION LTD against fraudulent consultants

Rikken Instrumentation Ltd is an ISO 9001:2008 company certified by DNV, Netherlands. Rikken has established itself as an hallmark of international quality over the past 30 years. Our leadership is well reflected in the preference for our Products by major electricity utilities and boards, major corporate houses in the country. We manufacture static energy meters strictly in according with BIS/ IEC/CBIP requirements and our meters are duly type tested from accredited Government laboratory.

Recruitment Announcement:

Freshers are only hired via the Corporate Immersion Program conducted by Pristine Edutronics, who are the only authorized company for the same. Please don’t indulge in any campus announcements or pay any money for any back door placements to any individuals/ organizations. Please communicate with Pristine Edutronics for the details of the program.

Public notice from RIKKEN INSTRUMENTATION LTD against fraudulent consultants

This Notice is issued in public interest by RIKKEN INSTRUMENTATION LTD. on its own behalf.

It has come to our notice that certain individuals/entities have been carrying out fraudulent recruitment practices by providing fake offer letters for job opportunities in RIKKEN INSTRUMENTATION LTD.


1) These individuals /entities are imposters and are not affilated to Rikken instrumentation ltd. Any person or organization dealing with such authorizes parties for a job opportunity with Rikken Instrumentation Ltd. is doing so at their own risk

2) Rikken Instrumentation Ltd. Neither charge any fee nor demands any money deposits from jobseeker at any stage of recruitment.

3) Rikken instrumentation Ltd. is not bound to honour such fake offer letters and is also not responsible for any losses incurred or damages suffered (monetary or otherwise) arising from such fake offer letters included but not limited to loss of data

If you come across any person or organozation demanding money in lieu of an offer letter for an job opportunity in Rikken Instrumentation Ltd , you are encouraged to bring such matters to our attention by writting us at

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