Smart meters in Chandigarh Panchkula India

product13What are the pros and cons of prepayment meters?

When it comes to prepayment meters, the disadvantages generally outweigh the advantages.

Advantages of prepaid meters include:

  • Helping customers to manage their debt and energy usage
  • preventing large, unexpected bills

Disadvantages of prepayment meters include:


  • above average costs for your gas and electricity;
  • the best energy deals on the market aren’t available to prepayment meter customers;
  • they can be inconvenient because you have to go out to ‘top up’ keys and smartcards
  • if you can’t reach a shop to top up your meter your energy can be switched off
  • older meters need to have their prices updated manually after price rises or falls, which can take months. which This means you could be left paying old rates and owing a lump sum or paying too much.


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