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imagesWith a prepayment meter you have to pay for your gas and electricity upfront. They work a bit like a pay as you go mobile phone – you have to top-up with credit to no xplode and get your gas and electricity.

Why do energy suppliers install prepayment meters?

Prepayment energy meters are buy 40 mg cialis usually installed into homes for the brain

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that have slipped into debt with their energy supplier generic-bestrxonline at some point, to help them manage their debt and their budget more effectively.

Some landlords also like to have them installed in their rental properties , to try and cut the risk of their tenants running into debt.

If you have to switch to cialis levitra a prepayment meter because you’re in debt to your energy supplier, you will pay off your debt bit by bit at the same time as you pay for the gas and electricity you use.

This means that as well as paying the unit rate for the energy you use, you’ll pay a little extra to go towards what you owe.

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